Apply Your Daily Vitamins, Your Skin Will Thank You

Vitamins are great for warding off illnesses but they can also play a vital role in your skincare routine
too. But which vitamins you need is vital for targeting skin concerns that you have because all vitamins
do not produce the same results. Skin type can also be factor in the strength that you apply certain
topical skincare ingredients as well.

Vitamin A(Retinoids)

Probably the most popular vitamin to use in skincare is Vitamin A “AKA, retinol” Touted for its anti aging
benefits, vitamin A helps skin to have a faster cell turnover rate. This then give the user a younger, more
glowing appearance. While it is most popular this is the vitamin that you must be patient with to see
fantastic results. Retinol is often prescribed to patients who have acne because of its ability to clear the
face of dead skin faster, and clearing pores more regularly. If using retinol or retinoids is scary and or
overwhelming to you, fear not there is a great alternative to use. Bakuchiol is a natural alternative to
retinol that is produced in the leaves of the Psoralea corylifolia plant. For more on bakuchiol read
Bakuchiol VS Retinol.

Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide)

This is a powerhouse vitamin for the skin when it is applied topically. I would say the best benefit a user
can receive from using niacinamide is the stimulation of ceramides in the skin. Ceramides are a great
protect the skin, strengthen the skins barrier, and retain its elasticity for a youthful look. Niacinamide is
also a great ingredient to use to purge the pores to prevent blackheads, whiteheads, and pustules. Many
also claim that Niacinamide can also give the skin a brighter appearance. One side effect of using
Niacinamide is that it can be very drying to the skin; so it is advised to use hydrating products in
conjunction with it. You can find niacinamide over the counter in different strengths and the dryer your
skin is, the lower the concentration should be that is used.

Vitamin B5 (Panthenol)

Panthenol has the ability to reduce redness caused by inflammation. Also, since vitamin B5 is a
humectant, it has the ability to keep skin hydrated and bouncy. Vitamin B5 is usually combined in
serums with vitamins B3 and A. When formulated together you get an amazing anti-aging benefits and a
greater ability to hydrate the skin, and help to keep it clear. Also, it is a great choice for those who have
acne because it said that it may be able to increase coenzyme A, which breaks down the excess oil
produced by our skins oil glands.

There are many other skin loving vitamins that can be used but those are the top 4 most common that
are seen in todays skincare products. Remember to always look for where ingredients are placed in a
products ingredient list, and to consult with your dermatologist and or esthetician before using skincare
you are unsure of.

Recommended products

Some of my favorite skincare brands with products that include these vitamins.
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Paulas Choice
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I am not a licensed esthetician nor a dermatologist. I am a friendly and knowledgeable beauty obsessed
consumer. Please refer all questions you have to your physicians.

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