Beauty Bio Cryo Roller Review

Any one who knows me knows that when it comes to beautification, I am mostly obsessed with skincare tools to enhance my natural beauty. I have tried so many over the years, from Clarisonic, PMD, to LED masks and high frequency. If you have no idea what I am talking about, and are completely lost you can read all my beauty tool reviews here. Beauty Bio was introduced to me in 2022, and their Cryo Roller was my first purchase. One beauty tool purchase and I was hooked!

What It Is

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The Cryo Roller is a stainless steel face roller designed to chill the skin to 45 degrees to improve circulation, promote collagen production, and flush out toxins in the skin. Professional-grade stainless steel, dual-ended Cryo Roller harnesses the natural power of ice-cold temps to depuff, tighten and detoxify skin for a clearer, sculpted, more radiant appearance. The larger side is for the face, and neck, while the smaller roller is to depuff and lift the eye area. Not only for beauty purpose, the Cryo Roller also relieves muscle tension.

How To Use It

  • Cleanse skin
  • If stored in a fridge/freezer remove and let sit at least 5 minutes prior to use
  • Apply toners, and serums as usual. Can be used without applying product
  • Using the wider roller, start at the center of the face and roll outwards with long strokes towards the lymphatic drainage points near your ears and down towards your heart. Replicate the outward motion on the forehead and chin areas to rejuvenate skin, tighten pores and enhance skincare absorption.
  • Use the narrow roller to target hard-to-reach areas such as under and above the eyes up to the brow bone, between the brows and down the sides of the nose. 
  • For AM and PM Use

My Thoughts

Y’all I suffer so much with migraines because i’m not only genetically prone to getting them (thanks ma) but my hormone imbalance also plays a part. I absolutely love using this on my face to tighten and lift my skin but this has been a game changer in when I get a migraine. It really helps to alleviate that throbbing pain that is associated with migraines and even headaches. Another thing I love is that it helps relieve my muscle tension I get in my neck from working out or just sleeping wrong. It feels nice and cool on the skin so I do not see any reason to store it in a refrigerator or freezer. Maybe I will try that when I don’t live in Alaska anymore. I get enough of the cold from the long harsh Winter lol I like to cleanse, tone, and apply my serum and roll my products into my face. It feels like a true spa experience every time I use it. While it may not be as pretty as the jade or quartz rollers you see in stores, I chose it because stainless steel is the easiest to disinfect therefore harboring less bacteria. I am very anal about disinfecting my beauty tools after each use so the stainless steel option was a no brainer. Beauty Bio does offer a pretty rose quartz face roller stand alone tool or attachment for their GloPro tool. Read about GloPro here

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