Favorite Shops& Affiliate Links


Pros: This is perfect for all you instant gratification shoppers, me included. With an Amazon Prime account, you can shop one day and be testing your new product 2 days later. Maybe even sooner if you live right next to an Amazon hub, or so I’ve been told.

Cons: Notorious for the possibility of receiving fake products. Always check to see if the brand you are buying from lists Amazon as a retailer on their website as well. While reading product reviews be sure to take some time to read the sellers reviews too.

My Amazon storefront : https://amazon.com/shop/beautybellsvanity


Pros: An enormous selection of brands to shop from. Shoppers points reward system and often they have sales and discount deals. Free shipping on order minimums; I can’t say how much because it varies based on where you live.

Cons: Fast Fashion retailer, your entire order gets delayed if one product is not in stock. It’s taken me up to 2 months to receive an order before.