Saie Beauty Lip Blur(Lipstick)Review

If you follow me, then you already know that I am all about that no makeup makeup look. I prefer a fresh natural looking face to a full face of makeup. No shade to those who prefer a full glam look, I like to play and go glam too, its just not my daily go to look. Saie beauty gives me my desired fresh french lady look. Pink/red lipstick or gloss, and mascara is usually all I ever wear.

What It Is

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Lip Blur is a great lipstick that feels like a lip b

Lip Blur is a lipstick that feels as nourishing as a lip balm. This is a matte, longwear, shine free, and hydrating lipstick. Lip Blur is chockfull of nourishing ingredients including Hyaluronic Acid, Olive Oil, Jojoba Esters, and Berry Fruit Wax to condition lips and blend in seamlessly.  Available in 6 shades and my faves are Classic which is a blue based red for a more glam vavavoom look and Modern, a rosy nude color for daily wear. The shades are inclusive so no matter your desired look or skin tone, your guaranteed to find a colour you love.

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How To Use

Prep lips with a sugar scrub to avoid patchy application. Gently swipe over your lips 1x for a subtle dose of colour, or reapply till your desired shade is reached. Blot lips with tissue to remove excess product. Leave matte or top with a gloss for a shiny pout.

My Thoughts

Saie beauty is a new brand I have been using lately, and so far I like what I have tried by them. While Saiebeauty claims this lipstick to be long lasting, I did not find that to be true. It transferred with eating, drinking, and kissing. I do love the feel of this lipstick though, its very moisturizing, and my lips do not feel dry when I use it, even though it is a matte lipstick, which isn’t usually the case when I try matte lip products. The best part is that this lipstick is buildable as claimed, which I love in my lipsticks because it makes the product more versatile to go with my mood of the day. Being a big fan of that classic Marilyn Monroe red lip, I tried the shade Classic first which definitely transfers more than Modern their rosey nude shade. The design also makes it easy to get a more precisely lined lip, though I do prefer to use a lip brush to apply when I have the time to.

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Saie Beauty Lip Blur (Classic)

Environmentally Friendly

Saiebeauty is not only cruelty free but clean and green as well. All packaging used for their products is recyclable. Lip Blur is packaged in aluminum for a true recyclable and circular material. To recycle with their partner PACT Collective a non profit Pact Collective is a non-profit organization that works towards improving packaging end-of-life and circularity within the beauty industry. Clean your empties with water and then fill out their form here or drop your 5 items off at your local Sephora.


  • Hydrating + PlumpingHyaluronic Acid
  • Nourishing + MoisturizingOlive Oil
  • BlurringBerry Fruit Wax
  • Softening & SmoothingJojoba Esters


I am not a licensed esthetician nor a dermatologist. I am a friendly and knowledgeable beauty obsessed
consumer. Please refer all questions you have to your physicians.

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