SKIN 1004 Brightening Capsule Ampoule Review

Do you have a favorite brand that you just keep coming back to and they never let you down? Mine is skin1004. I got introduced to them when I began my journey as a product tester in the beauty world mid 2021. I can not thank gopicky for allowing me to test so many K beauty brands, and for particularly bringing SKIN1004 into my life. If you are like me and you want to read reviews before purchasing, check them out here. I have been reviewing various SKIN1004 products for over a year now, and I have loved every single one. For this review I will be focusing on the Brightening Capsule Ampoule

What It Is

The Brightening Capsule Ampoule is a brightening and skin clearing serum. Its main ingredients include Centella Asiatica Extract and Madecassoside. Both of these fabulous ingredients give the serum the abilities to calm inflamed skin, provide hydration, and brighten the complexion. It has a liquidy and slightly sticky texture to it. The little white flecks that you see in the serum is the patented (MadeWhite) encapsulated for greater stability of the ingredients niacinamide, centella asiatica, and tranexamic acid.  A beautiful glass bottle holds the multibenefit serum, and houses a dropper for application; which gives it a luxurious aesthetic, and makes it more sustainable.

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Brand Claims

  • Whitens and brightens
  • Exfoliates
  • Moisturizes
  • Evens texture
  • Skin clearing

How To Use

As with all serums, cleansing and toning should be done prior to application. The dropper makes it easy to get the exact amount of serum needed. Apply the Brightening Capsule Ampoule to the skin, and for maximum absorption and benefits, gently pat the serum into the skin. Carefully apply to the eye and mouth areas. This serum only comes in a 100ML size but that is plenty to get you through quite a few months with daily use.

My Thoughts

If you are after instant gratification, this serum is not for you. However, if you are willing to be patient and use it consistently, the wait is totally worth it. My face looked not only brighter after using the Brightening Capsule Ampoule but it also felt softer, and looked like it had a cleaner appearance. As someone with insomnia, and being prone to depression I was amazed at how less tired it made my face look. I would contribute this to the centella asiatica and the niacinamide that is in its formula. A fun fact about this serum is that when you apply it to your skin you can feel the capsules burst as you gently massage them into your skin. I find the feeling of the capsules bursting, as you rub them into your skin, to be soothing. 


Key Ingredients

Centella Asiatica Extract: Soothes and replenishes skin hydration level.
Madecassoside: Encapsulated to enhance the stability of the ingredient and helps to brighten the skin.

All Ingredients

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I am not a licensed esthetician nor a dermatologist. I am a friendly and knowledgeable beauty obsessed
consumer. Please refer all questions you have to your physicians.

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