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Face lift with Skin 1004 Mummy Pack Beauty Mask

Part 2 of my Halloween Skincare beauty masks is all about lifting your face and reducing the appearance of your pores. I have been a fan of skin1004 ever since incorporating Korean skincare into my routine but I never got the chance to try out any of their masks until this year. After trying out their Witch Pack, and getting great results from using it, I was very excited to try out their Mummy Pack. This mask is so fun for Halloween, and it makes the perfect spooky skin treat to get your skin prepped before attending your big Halloween party.

What it is

This is a duo face-mask where you get the activator, and the powder separate just like with the similar Zombie pack face mask. Read review here Skin 1004 Zombie Pack Review The kit also comes with a spatula to apply the mask because it is more liquidy than viscous. This mask is suited for you if you are looking for that magical, fountain of youth product.  If you are not a fan of non-vegan products, skip this one because it contains albumin.

Face lift
Skin1004 Mummy Pack

Brand Claims

 SKIN1004 claims that their Zombie Pack can do many wondrous things for your face. It will lift, tighten, and reduce the appearance of your pores. 

How To use

  • Open the powder and pour it into a small bowl.
  •  Open the activator serum, and combine with the Mummy packs charcoal powder. 
  • Mix well with the supplied brush or other utensil, apply evenly on the face; making sure to avoid the areas around the mouth and eyes. 
  • Let the mask set for 15 minutes and remove with warm water, making sure to remove all residue. Though you may be tempted Do not tug or pull off the mask, use a warm face towel to loosen the mask and wash off. 
  • Apply the rest of your skin care regimen

This mask is very liquidy and hardens much faster than other masks. I suspect that it is the albumin that makes it harden quickly.  Make sure you are ready to apply this mask after mixing together the powder and activator. 

To show the Skin1004 Mummy Pack
Skin 1004 Mummy Pack

My Thoughts

I read quite a few reviews about this mask before deciding to purchase it. The one thing mentioned in almost all the reviews I read about this face pack was that it had an awful odor to it.  I decided to try out this amazing beauty mask after trying out the Zombie face pack I won from YesStyle. this amazing face pack for free because I won a give away from their instagram account. Much like the Zombie Pack, this beauty mask makes your face feel so tight that it’s hard to speak, and mov your face. I’m not saying that it immobilizes you, it’s just tight and a bit uncomfortable if you do try to speak because the mask will crack.  I was gobsmacked by the results I received from using this beauty mask; my face really looked practically porles. I even had a difficult time trying to wrinkle my forehead afterwards. This mask also seemed to brighten my face up a little bit and I suspect that is because it has centella asiatica in it, which is a soothing skincare ingredient. After discovering the wonders of Kbeauty I quickly came to realize that my skin absolutely loves centella asiatica, and it’s in the majority of my holy grail Beauty products. Read my other skin1004 mask reviews here

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Results from Mummy Pack by Skin 1004


Key Ingredients

  • Albumin: Provides skin with instant lifting effect and tightens pores.
  • Centella Asiatica Extract: Soothes and replenishes skin hydration level.

[Mummy] Pack Powder Ingredients]Albumin,Corn starch, Silica, Charcoal powder, alantonin, aloevera, panthenol. [Mummy Pack Activator Ingredients] Purified water, butylene glycol, 1-2 hexanediol, niacinamide, truffle extract, black bean extract,black sesame extract, blueberry fruit extract, black currant fruit extract,cranberry extract, euterpe oleracea fruit extract, bilberry fruit extract, bourtree fruit extract, lycium chinense fruit extract, strawberry fruit extract,  aloevera, adenosine, alantonin, panthenol, glycerine, sodium PCA, disodium EDTA.

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