Beauty’s Biggest Scam

The Collagen Scam

Unless you have been living under a rock, then you know all about the collagen cream craze in the beauty world. Please do me a favor and save your hard-earned money; and don’t fall for this scam. Collagen molecules are much too big to be able to penetrate the skin and promote more collagen for that youthful look you are after. If you really want to try and increase your collagen production, it is best to take it orally. I bet right now you are thinking uh huh sure, but my friend has great skin and uses a collagen cream…. And I bet she does, but it isn’t because the collagen is penetrating the skin, its because it is blocking water loss because of its bulky molecular structure.

 I would bet that your friends cream is full of nourishing, and hydrating ingredients as well. If you want to plump up your skin, its better to use a cream that is formulated to hydrate skin, with humectants. Humectants have the ability to attract water molecules, and then lock it in to keep skin hydrated and plump looking(youthful). While ingesting collagen sounds like a great idea by now, its important to remember they are not all created equally, and you need to know the types. More info about collagen can be found in my article The why, what, where, and how’s of collagen